Crystal Grids and Combinations

Crystal Grids and Combination Crystal grids help you to focus your crystal’s energy on a specific intention or goal. Set up a tailor made grid and let the energy work its magic....

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Crystals For Autumn

Crystals for Autumn Autumn is a time for bundling up warm, getting cosy and a great time to boost your immune system ahead of winter. These wonderful crystals will help you along your way…...

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Crystals For Samhain

Crystals for Samhain Use these ideal crystals to honour the special energy of Samhain, along with some other great holistic ideas to make the most of your Halloween. Online...

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Detoxify Your Space

Detoxify Your Space With the change in season, it is an ideal time to clear your space and the energy around you. Using these simple and effective methods will get you fighting fit this autumn and...

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Get Ready For Summer

Get Ready For Summer Summer is here! Hopefully good weather, garden play, picnics, bbq’s…..and the long school holidays. How can you get yourself prepared for a fabulous summer with...

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Protect Your Energy

Protect Your Energy Every now and then, or quite often, we need to protect our precious energy field from negative energy around us. Whether from a situation or another person, our energy is...

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Self Care For Travel

Self Care For Travel Look after yourself when you travel and ease stresses and anxiety with these simple tips. Summer Survival:   Learn...

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Out in Nature

Out in Nature Getting out in nature can be good for you physically, mentally and emotionally, here’s why…   Learn more:

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Finding Your Focus

Finding Your Focus Do you feel like you always have too much to do? The list just keeps getting longer and longer? It’s time to find your focus and get things done…   Learn...

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