Christmas shopping is in full swing! Are you struggling to think of a gift? Do you need to write your own list? Or treat yourself? Here is a list of 10 perfect holistic gifts this Christmas:

Crystal Set

This set of master healing crystals will bring love, calm and positivity. To be carried, worn or displayed, these make a fabulous gift for a crystal lover.

Set of 3 Crystals

Astrology Reading Cards

Get some heartfelt guidance throughout 2018 with this stunning deck of astrology oracle cards. This beautiful deck gives you the guidance of the stars, tuned in with your energy for readings just for you.

Astrology Cards

Book of Hygge

This luxurious book explores the Danish custom of hygge. An everyday philosophy for better living. A great book to curl up in a chair with, with a hot cup of tea.

Hygge Book

Aromatherapy Collection

This gorgeous set of diffuser and essential oils are a gift to suit every mood. From relaxation to a positive boost and also includes a book of essential oils.

Aromatherapy Gift

Lumie Body Clock

This clock has everything! It has two essential oil diffuser chambers, nighttime and day time settings, and it’s a clock. The clock can be programmed at bedtime to go from a bright light slowly dimming to darkness, while diffusing a relaxing essential oil. Come morning the light will slowly warm up to a bright light, allowing you to wake up naturally, with an uplifting essential oil.

Lumie Body Clock

Leonie Dawson Life Book

This beautifully illustrated workbook is your perfect companion for the new year. Full of reflection, intention, goal setting and soul searching, it is the perfect workbook to set you up for a fantastic 2018.

Life Book

Grace Not Perfection

Another beauty of a book, Grace Not Perfection takes you through living your life knowing it is completely ok not to be perfect. We are all doing the best we can and that’s ok. In a friendly, welcoming style, this book will have you smiling and thinking ‘I am enough’

Grace Not Perfection


Journaling is a wonderful method of self-therapy. Reflecting on your experiences, writing down what you are grateful for and expressing your emotions. A very pretty journal makes it all the easier!


Rise Sister Rise

The follow up to ‘Light is the New Black’, Rise Sister Rise is a book of spiritual guidance so that you can live your life to it’s highest potential. This book encourages you to embrace your inner power and live to your passion.

Rise Sister Rise

Angel Answers Deck

An angel oracle deck that gets straight to the point. Perfect for asking questions and getting a simple concise answer. Not to mention this deck is visually stunning!

Angel Deck

For more info on holistic tips and ideas this Christmas, take a look at Festive Fun for Families.




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