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As a crystal healer, I am head over heals in love with crystals! There are just so many ways to use them and they can be used for almost anything. Among the many crystals that are out there though, there are some that are key to any crystal collection, including master healer crystals.

These are 5 crystals you need in your life:


Amethyst is beautiful purple stone. It is one of the master healers. Amethyst will help to calm an overactive mind and aid sleep. Simply place the stone under your pillow or on your nightstand. If you are feeling overworked and stressed, amethyst will bring you back to centre. Also a natural analgesic, Amethyst works very well to assist in relieving headaches and migraine symptoms.

Rose Quartz

A nurturing stone, it inspires to nurture ones self. It is a stone of love, emotion and heartfelt feelings. It can help open the heart to love from others and from yourself. It allows you to accept love and give love in return. Rose quartz will surround you with loving energy, protecting you from negative energy. This stone can also help with emotional wounds that the heart has suffered.

Clear Quartz

The master healing stone, clear quartz can be used alongside or in place of any crystal. It emanates positive energy and dispels negativity. When used alongside other crystals, it enhances the energies of these crystals. Clear quartz is a great stone to have in the home. Placed in a main living space it will keep the energy positive and remove negativity in the air.

Tigers Eye

A stone of luck and good fortune. Tigers eye helps to boost will power and emotional stability. It is a great stone to use when feeling emotional imbalance. It will bring focus and stability so that you can make clear decisions, not swayed by emotion. It’s also ideal if you struggle to feel optimistic and brings confidence for the future.


Obsidian is an excellent protection stone. It protects from emotional abuse and psychic attack. It’s a very healing and grounding stone. It grounds you to the earth and shields you from negativity. Obsidian brings clarity to mind and will help clear any confusion, this can then help you to move forward without fear. It will also relieve energy blocks and relieve tension.

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