Christmas is nearly here! Festive fun, presents, family and good food. Well that’s the finished result anyway.

What about all of the hard work before it gets to the fun part? Months of budgeting, shopping, wrapping, planning meals, organising family and remembering to move the elf on the shelf every night! Then, throw in the kids breaking up from school and, well, yeah…

As much as we love it, it can be very stressful or, at the very least, very tiring. It is so important to look after yourself during this time. If you wear yourself down or burn out, all of your hard work would have been in vain as you just won’t be able to relax and enjoy it.

There are some simple, holistic ways to practice your own self-care this festive season, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Allocate time

Allocate yourself some time each day, even if it is just half an hour. Take yourself somewhere quiet, to read, go for a run or take a bath, so that you recharge your body and mind.

Use loving energy

Keep a rose quartz crystal on your person, either a tumble stone or piece of jewellery, or in your handbag. Rose quartz emits loving energy, surrounding you with love, positivity and protection. It is also a wonderful stone to have in the house over the holidays.


Emotions can run high at this time of year. Good communication is key. Ask for help if you need it. Write a list of tasks for the family to pitch in with and ask for their support. It can be exciting to all get involved in Christmas together.


It’s all in the planning. Think ahead and divide tasks into different days. Focus on those for that day and know that other tasks will be dealt with on other days. Dividing tasks like this will prevent you from getting overwhelmed.

Treat yourself

When you are rushing around buying all the presents and wrapping them lovingly, don’t forget about you too. Reward yourself for all of your hard work and buy yourself a treat. You can even wrap it if you want!

Embrace the magic

Among the endless lists and things to do, it is easy to forget the magic of Christmas. But, within the magic, lies the fun! Get an advent calendar, see Santa, write a letter to the North Pole and leave goodies out on Christmas Eve!

Be present

Take your time and allow yourself to experience what this season brings. Take in the nativity plays through your own eyes, not a screen. Sit back with a coffee and enjoy every moment of the present opening. Deal with the mess at the end. Sit down and enjoy your Christmas meal and appreciate this quality time with your family. Breathe it all in and smile.

For more tips on how to manage a stress free Christmas, take a look at Festive Fun for Families.

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