valentines day

Valentines day is upon us again. A day centred on love and romance and all things red and hearty. However, I propose a slightly different approach this year. This year, make you your valentine. Show yourself some much need love and attention.

Quite often, we neglect ourselves in favour of others that need us. We like to make sure that everybody else is ok before we even think about ourselves. Really, though, it should be the other way around. If we take care of ourselves we will be much stronger to deliver everything else to everyone else.

We can find this difficult because we can’t seem to appreciate how special we are. We do not see ourselves as others see us. When we look at ourselves, we tend to be fairly critical. So, this valentine’s day, give yourself a break and soften those edges.

Start with a shower or bath, to wash away those critical views. Different smells can be important to the process too. You can use lavender or rose for calming, or mint or lemon to be refreshed and cleansed. Everyday stresses can alter our perception of who we are, and lead us to think in a negative light. As you wash away these critical views, focus on the acceptance of who you are. You really are a fab person!

After your cleansing shower or bath, do something that makes you feel competent and capable, such as a hobby or reading a book. Grab your favourite drink and some chocolate too. Boost your loving energy with a piece of rose quartz by your side and get comfy.

Love yourself this valentines day x



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