celebrate you

How often do you celebrate you? Your achievements and day-to-day successes. I am going to guess that it is not as often as it should be. I am sure that you gain successes every single day and they pass you by.

Truth is, you achieve things all the time. It doesn’t need to be a big promotion or long worked for qualifications all of the time. Looking after your family, your home and yourself are all extremely important too! It is hard to see this in ourselves sometimes and we don’t like to ‘blow our own trumpets’ as it were. Sometimes, though, we need to. It’s good for the soul, for your self-care and for boosting your self worth. If you give yourself value then others will do too.

This can take a lot of practice because we sometimes need to clear years of self-doubt and lack of confidence. It takes some self-work to get there. It doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming though. Just little changes that become habits that become bigger changes over time are all part of the process. There are a number of ways to do this and it is what I love to support and guide people through in my work.

One exercise that is quick and simple to get you started is to remind yourself of an achievement that remains important to you and that you are proud of. Take a piece of paper or card and write or draw this achievement and how it makes you feel. You can use pictures, photos, clippings, whatever you like so that it is a representation of your achievement. For me this is my university graduation last year. I have my graduation photo on my noticeboard above my desk as a constant reminder of the hard work I put in and how it paid off in the end. Place your achievement somewhere where you can see it easily, such as on the fridge or on your dresser. Know that when you look at it that you are capable of great things x x


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