full moon

The time has come around again for a full moon in the sky. Energy is high at this time of the month and it is the ideal time to charge your crystals, cards or any other energy tools you use. Leave them to bask in the moonlight tonight and soak up all of the moon’s wonderful energy.

Once your crystals are charged they are ready to use once again. The following day, reflect upon how balanced you feel right now. Do you feel balanced emotionally? Physically? Mentally? Financially?

Once you’ve identified where you need balance, think about what balance in that area means to you. Use a clear quartz point, if you have one, and visualize it as a symbol of balance. You could use a yin-yang, or whatever symbol appeals to you.

Hold the moonlit charged object of your choice between your hands, repeat this affirmation, in your head or out loud, and keep the object with you;

Keep me balanced, day to day,

To navigate and make my way,

Keep me steady, keep me true,

In every task that I pursue.

(Ember Grant)

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