This month’s full moon is extra super special because it is accompanied by a lunar eclipse. This event will create a great deal of energy. This energy can be felt all around us and inside of us too. This leads to be a great time for meditation and problem solving.

If you have a certain issue or situation that you need to resolve in your life, now is a perfect time to meditate upon it and intuitively allow a resolution to come to you.

During this full moon, take yourself to a calm and quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Ensure that there is a safe surface to place three candles while you meditate. You will need two white candles and one black candle. Alternatively, if you only have white, carve ‘black’ into one of the candles so that is may be used in its place.

Get yourself comfortable and light the first white candle. Now think about the issue at hand and meditate on this until you feel ready to move to the next step. Next, light the black candle and think about ways that this issue could be resolved. It can be anything, realistic or not. Just let thoughts of how to resolve your said issue flow into your mind. Again, continue with this until you feel ready to move on. The last step is to light the last white candle. As you do this, notice which is the foremost resolution in your mind. This resolution that is standing out, is your answer. (James Kambos).

Continue to meditate for as long as you wish and then blow out the candles. Lightly stamp your feet on the floor to ground yourself and bring you firmly back to the present and flush away any lingering energy with drink of water.

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