home blessing

We all begin to feel the need of a spring clean as the weather begins to change. The sun is shining through my window today and lighting up my garden. It is highlighting the remnants and neglect of winter. It is time to cleanse the space, declutter and breathe life back in.

We can cleanse and rejuvenate the energy at home with a few simple practices. Placing clear quartz crystals in each corner, using sage smoke or opening all windows and doors to let energy flow through the house will all work well. These can be done whenever your feel your home is getting stuffy or full of negativity.

If you are cleansing your home for the first time, you may want to spend a little more focused time on this. For this occasion you will need a smudge stick (sage is good), bread, wine (or juice), a clear quartz crystal and salt. First, use the smudge stick around the outside of your home and then the inside and open all doors and windows if possible.

Next, sit in a place where you are comfortable. Place the bread in front of you and say:

This is so I/we/you will never be hungry

Then pour some wine or juice and say:

This is so I/we/you will never thirst

Place the crystal in front of you and say:

This will fill my/our/your home with energy

Place the salt in front of you and say:

This will bring flavour to my/our/your life (Susan Pesznecker)

Now enjoy the bread and wine or juice to complete the blessing of your home. Keep on top of the energy of your home by using sage and/or clear quartz crystals whenever you feel the need.



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