spring clean

We have come through the other side of the full moon, into the waning moon. This is an ideal time to cause things to diminish or disappear. Perfect time to do a spring clean, clear out the unwanted and cleanse the energy in your home.

Begin by making a strong tea with lavender or lemon. In each room of your home, repeat these steps:

Go around the room anti-clockwise, picking up any clutter as you go. Say out loud what it is you wish to clear. For example “negative energy be gone” “Or this room is cleansed” This is setting your intention for your clear out as you go. Put all the clutter away and throw out any rubbish. Now, dip a cleaning cloth into the strong tea and walk around the room clockwise, cleaning each surface with your cloth as you go. Again, say out loud your intention. Rinse out the cleaning cloth between rooms so that it is clean each time. You may also like to wipe down your front door with the tea-dipped cloth, inside and out, too.

Once you have cleansed each room, place a piece of clear quartz in each of the four main corners of your home and place one piece in the central living space. This creates a cleansing, positive energy, crystal grid around the inside of your home.

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