honour moon

Another full moon is upon us, the last of winter. This is a special time of the month. It has an effect on our mood and emotions and is felt by many as a magical time of the month. Perfect for meditation, setting intentions and charging crystals. To mark this last full moon of winter, it is an ideal time to honour it before we move into the new season.

Take some time, inside or outside, to look up at the moon. It can bring a new perspective of how huge the universe is out there and how tiny we are in comparison, but are capable of so many wonderful things. Think of those who have looked up at the it before you, and who will continue to look up at it after. The moon is an object of fascination to many of us. No matter where we are from or where on the earth we are, we all look up at the same one.

You might like to spend some time meditating to honour this special symbol. You can light some white candles, use clear crystals and symbols of silver and white. Visualise the moon and say, out loud or to yourself:

Brilliant moon,

We gather in the darkness as your glow arrives,

Constant moon,

Throughout the ages your presence survives,

Mirror moon,

Reflecting the light and the phases of our lives

(Ember Grant)

Set an intention and meditate for as long as you feel is right. Work on this intention between now and the next month. Think about this time being the closure of one season and the opening of another. Spring represents new beginnings and moving into the light. A great time to set yourself a fresh goal for the year to come.

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