Imbolc is a pagan festival that celebrates the seasonal change of winter to spring. It marks the passing of winter in order to make way for spring to come through. It is a fire festival so can be marked with the lighting of lamps and candles. Once the sun goes down, you may like to fill your house with light by lighting a selection of candles. Good foods to eat on this day would be spicy, full-bodied foods, in honour of the sun. Spiced wine and sun-dried foods will also work well.

As Imbolc falls halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox, it is a good time to invoke hope, faith and sunshine. We can do this by practising a simple exercise in creativity.

You’ll need a few magazines, some scissors and glue, and a board or piece of paper to become your vision board. Before you start, close your eyes and imagine the sun, glorious and bright. Feel the things that you hope for and imagine they are yours. Now open your eyes and set to work. Cut images and words from the magazines that match with your vision and those that inspire you. Stick them, creating a collage onto your board or piece of paper, in honour of Brighid, the goddess of spring. Place your vision board in front of you and say;

Brighid, bless these simple seeds,

Planted deep inside of me.

Let them sprout with growing light,

And grow my future safe and bright.


Dallas Jennifer Cobb

Keep your vision board where you can see it to draw on its inspiration everyday.

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