money jar

Money is one of those inescapable things. Love it or loathe it, there are times when we really need it.

We are now coming up on to the season of lent. A time where people tend to give something up for 40 days and nights, until Easter.

Beginning with shrove, or fat, Tuesday. A day traditionally used to indulge and eat what is in our cupboards prior to a period of abstinence. Now, many of us do not partake in the abstinence part, but we do understand the need to stockpile in case of times of need.

Set yourself a task to began to stash your pocket change. A little can quickly become a lot. Set up a small jar or container for you to add your pocket change to on daily or weekly basis. Allow your angels and the universe watch over and smile upon your efforts to ensure that you will have enough when you need it. Just allow the jar to accumulate over time. If the jar overflows, put the money in the bank. If you are short, then take what you need.

The universe will reward those who work on helping themselves. You will receive back what it is that you give out.

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