new moon

For this month’s new moon, make way for change. Time to purge any unwanted feelings and negative energy. Banish from inside you and around you and start the new monthly cycle afresh.

First of all, write down what you wish to purge. It could be a feeling, a situation, emotional baggage, anything that you need to get off of your chest and away from you. When you are finished fold the paper, at least twice. The next step is to burn the paper and dissolve all this negative energy to ash.

Using a saucepan or other heatproof container (please take care!) Set the paper alight and drop it into the saucepan to burn. As the paper is burning, visualize the fire consuming all that which needs to be purged from your life. You will rise as a phoenix from the ashes. As the paper burns say, out loud or in your head:

Fire, rid me of this weight,

On this night I consummate,

The change I need to be set free,

Let it be the best for me.

For good of all and harm to none,

As I will, so it be done. (Ember Grant)


When the fire is out and the ashes have cooled, collect them and either shake them out into the wind or you might like to bury them. I favour the wind so that they may be carried far away.

Once you have carried out your purge you may like to keep a clear quartz crystal about your person to encourage cleansing and positivity.

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