new moon

Today brings a solar eclipse and a completely dark moon. This powerful new moon is a great time to seek guidance and reassurance. The solar eclipse will not be visable from the UK, but it will peak at 2:58pm on Sunday 26th February 2017.

If you wish to seek guidance at this special time, you will need your favourite angel, oracle or tarot deck. Giving yourself a reading at the peak of the eclipse will bring wonderful, revealing energy to find out what messages the universe has for you.

Gather your card deck, a candle (any colour), matches, something to snuff out the candle with and a clock or watch. Around 15 minutes before the peak of the eclipse, go somewhere quiet and settle down with lights out. Sit quietly and light the candle. Take a few minutes to gaze into the flame and meditate on what changes are due in your life and/or what new directions you might pursue. When the time of the eclipse arrives, snuff out the candle. Spend a few minutes in relative darkness embracing the energy of the eclipse. Relight the candle, and with your meditations in mind, deal your deck of cards in your favourite spread and see the guidance that the universe has for you.

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