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When a friend is feeling down about themselves we can almost instantly rattle off a list of great things about them and why we love them. We can shower them with positivity. However, when we need to do the same for ourselves we struggle.

An exercise I have used at my retreats is to ask the ladies to write out a list of all the things they love about themselves. I take part too and start scribbling, I look around the room and I am met with almost everyone staring into space chewing on their pens, struggling to write anything down!

I had met these ladies that very day and I was able to list 5 things about each of them. Why are we so hard on ourselves?!

Here is a snippet of my list:

I am a good mum

I get my boys to school every day

I speak my mind

I have great boobs

I make people smile


Now I task you to do the same. Write out a list of all the things you like about yourself, no asking anyone else, this has to come from you. List absolutely anything you like, big or small. There is no right or wrong and it can be for your eyes only.

Download the template below and get writing!

Positivity List




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