prosperity charm

There are times when we all could do with a little extra cash. Whether it be for emergencies, school trips or just some nice treats. Being open to receiving can really help with a mindset of lack. Under the law of attraction, if you are putting out energy of what you are lacking, then this is what you will receive in return.

Instead, try putting out to the universe, the attitude of having everything you need. Visualise yourself already in that place, the place you want to be. What you give out comes back to you. You can also use this simple crystal charm to help you along the way to attracting prosperity.

You will need the following:

A circle of green fabric, a green organza bag or a green pouch

A gold ribbon (yellow will also work well)

A small piece of paper

A pound coin

2 small pieces of hematite

A gold candle (or white if you do not have gold)


Write your prosperity intention on the piece of paper. Make sure it an “I am” or “I have” statement. Describing the situation you desire as if it is already a reality. Fold up the piece of paper and place it in the centre of your fabric or into your pouch. Place the pound coin and the 2 crystals on to the fabric or into the pouch as well. Now gather up the fabric into a pouch, or draw your pouch shut. Secure it with the gold ribbon. Now, light your candle and hold your pouch between your hands. Envision your intention and say, in your head or out loud:

Money I need and money I’ll have,

For you will bring money to me.


Carry the pouch in your handbag, purse, work bag or put it anywhere else you might carry money.



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