When we hear the word prosperity, we quite often think of financial prosperity. However, prosperity means to prosper and this can be in any area of your life, at work, within family, self-development or within a relationship.

Sometimes we may feel a little stuck, with the need to prosper but no idea how. Consider the law of attraction, what you give out, is what you get back. So if you put out the energy of not having enough, or that you are at a stopping point, then what you will receive in return will not be enough. On the other hand if you give out energy of prosperity and being surrounded by everything you need, then this is what will come your way.

To put you into this frame of mind and ready to receive prosperity into your life, you can carry out this simple exercise. Gather a few crystals that are associated with prosperity, such as pyrite, tigers eye and amazonite. Arrange the crystals around a green candle and visualize the abundance you need and see yourself comfortable within it. Light the candle and say;

By the stones and by the flame,

Prosperity is mine to claim.

Ember Grant

Allow the candle to burn down and then keep the stones with you for as long as you need. You can keep them on your person or in your handbag. You might like to keep them by your bed or on your desk, or you can do a mix of all of these things if you prefer. Keep the thoughts of prosperity in your mind, and visualise yourself prospering and happy. Giving this good energy out will ensure you receive good energy back.


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