what to manifest right now

What can we manifest right now? The world has changed, a lot, in the last few months. The goals you came into 2020 with may well have shifted, or at the very least, delayed. Mine certainly have.

Many of us, me for sure, have been feeling well and truly stuck. My huge goal for this year felt like it was snatched away and I felt stuck. This left me lost and, to be honest, and I had no idea where to go or what I actually could manifest this year. The plan I had so firmly set in my head just was not gonna work anymore.

The key to getting myself unstuck has been to accept that my goal has not changed, but the path to get there has completely changed. And that’s ok! If your goals have had to be put on hold, then it is now a good time to reflect on whether that goal still serves you. Is it still what you want? If its not, that’s ok too. It may be time to lay down some new goals. Weigh up what is now important to you and maybe what no longer is important to you. Over the last few months, it is completely understandable that your priorities and perspective have changed. Take it back to square one, grab your journal and write it all out what you want, what you don’t want, everything. If your goal has remained the same, it is quite likely the path to get there has changed. Again, that’s ok. It’s time to find the new path. Think of all of the alternatives, even the reaching one, give it space. Formulate your new path and the steps that make it up.

Once you have this down, now you know what you need to manifest and the work you need to do too. Remember, manifesting is not making a wish and hoping for the best. You have to keep your end of the bargain too. I’m going to talk about this a lot more in this weeks Crystals & Coffee podcast episode, out this Friday.

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