winter reflection

Well, it would appear from storm Doris blowing an absolute gale outside that we are still deep in the depths of winter. It’s damp, it’s cold and it’s gloomy. At this time of year it can be really hard to keep up motivation. All that feels good is to curl up under a duvet and keep warm.

Everything seems to be on a go-slow and people shy away from the world, staying home, staying inside. It’s not party season and its not sit around in the sun season either. Yet soon, everything will start to come back to life. Trees and flowers will begin to bloom, little baby animals will be being born and the world will feel so much more alive.

In the meantime, though, we need to shed some light on ourselves to see us through. Surround ourselves with loving, light energy to get us through the last few murky weeks of winter before spring emerges. There is a simple way to do this, using a clear quartz crystal.

Gather a white candle, a clear quartz crystal and a mirror. Set the candle and the crystal before the mirror. Light the candle and hold the crystal before the flame. Allow your gaze to become soft. As the flame reflects in the crystal, say:

Mirror bright,

Winters night,

Crystal quartz, I see your light,

Within, without, light shines on me,

All I see is heavenly. (Najah Lightfoot)


Allow yourself to see the light in everything between now and spring.


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