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It’s March and we begin to think of spring. We wish for longer days, warmer weather, pretty flowers, an overall brighter time! Spring can bring hope and a sense of renewal. We know that the gloomy days and long nights will soon be coming to an end. We begin to set ourselves goals for the new season and bringing life to the year ahead. As this time approaches it is good to focus on one thing that we would like to bring to fruition in the new season.

Putting pen to paper can be a good incentive, a bit of self-accountability. To set your goal, you will need, a pen, a piece of paper, an envelope, a photo or symbol of your wish or goal and a purple candle. If you do not have a purple candle, you can use a white one in its place and carve purple into the side or write on it in purple ink.

First, write your goal on the piece of the paper. Then place the paper and the photo or symbol into the envelope, but don’t seal it yet. Next, light your candle. Gaze into the flame and visualize achieving your goal and everything that comes with it unfolding in front of you. When you feel the time is right, close the envelope and seal it with some of the melted wax from your candle. Snuff out the candle. James Kambos.

Keep your envelope in a safe place until Spring Equinox, which in 2017 is March 20th. On this day, open the envelope and release the energy that you invested into your goal. Continue working on your goal until you achieve it. Then celebrate all that you have done!

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