I Affirm – Affirmation for Positive Thinking

There is a great deal to be said about the power of affirmation. Saying things out loud to yourself, and to the universe, not only makes your pledge real but also by law of attraction you are sending the energy that you wish to receive. By repeating an affirmation to...

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Spring Equinox

The first day of Spring is finally here! Yay! Pretty soon we will see a little more sunshine, much longer days, pretty flowers and vibrant green trees. We can use the energy Spring to now rejuvenate and reinvigorate our spirit. Couple this practice with some me time...

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Home Blessing For Spring

We all begin to feel the need of a spring clean as the weather begins to change. The sun is shining through my window today and lighting up my garden. It is highlighting the remnants and neglect of winter. It is time to cleanse the space, declutter and breathe life...

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Honour The Moon: The Last Moon of Winter

Another full moon is upon us, the last of winter. This is a special time of the month. It has an effect on our mood and emotions and is felt by many as a magical time of the month. Perfect for meditation, setting intentions and charging crystals. To mark this last...

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Wish For Something New

It’s March and we begin to think of spring. We wish for longer days, warmer weather, pretty flowers, an overall brighter time! Spring can bring hope and a sense of renewal. We know that the gloomy days and long nights will soon be coming to an end. We begin to set...

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Money Jar

Money is one of those inescapable things. Love it or loathe it, there are times when we really need it. We are now coming up on to the season of lent. A time where people tend to give something up for 40 days and nights, until Easter. Beginning with shrove, or fat,...

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New Moon: Solar Eclipse

Today brings a solar eclipse and a completely dark moon. This powerful new moon is a great time to seek guidance and reassurance. The solar eclipse will not be visable from the UK, but it will peak at 2:58pm on Sunday 26th February 2017. If you wish to seek guidance...

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Winter Reflection

Well, it would appear from storm Doris blowing an absolute gale outside that we are still deep in the depths of winter. It’s damp, it’s cold and it’s gloomy. At this time of year it can be really hard to keep up motivation. All that feels good is to curl up under a...

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Be Your Own Valentine

Valentines day is upon us again. A day centred on love and romance and all things red and hearty. However, I propose a slightly different approach this year. This year, make you your valentine. Show yourself some much need love and attention. Quite often, we neglect...

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