Know Your Chakras

Know Your Chakras Your chakras are the energy centres of your body. 7 of them running from the base of your spine up to the top of your head. Lets begin with where each of the chakras are and what they are...

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It’s All About Gratitude

It's All About Gratitude You’ve heard the saying happiness is a state of mind right? Well, it is true. Happiness is something we all strive for, thinking when we get such and such or when such and...

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Grounding For Spring

Grounding For Spring A simple exercise to get you grounded and regain your balance. ************************************************************ Free...

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Crystals For Spring

Crystals for Spring Use these 4 crystals for a fabulous Spring! ************************************************************ Reflect. Reclaim. Renew:

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Positivity For Me

Positivity For Me When a friend is feeling down about themselves we can almost instantly rattle off a list of great things about them and why we love them. We can shower them with positivity. However, when...

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Letting The Past Go

Letting The Past GO Leave the past in the past. It’s an easy thing for people to say isn’t it? It is not as easy to do, but it is necessary to do if you want to move forward. But how do you...

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Affirmations to Change Your Mindset

Affirmations to Change Your Mindset When it comes to feeling good, mindset plays a huge role. How you choose to perceive things can completely change your day, week, life! Listen to this weeks episode to...

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Feel Your Feelings

Feel Your Feelings - The crystals that can help It is so important for emotional healing, to feel your feelings. These are 5 crystals that can help support you through…...

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Restoring Balance

Restoring Balance In our everyday life we often have so many roles to fulfil, all at the same time. Be it wife, mother, sister, daughter, colleague, boss and, the most important of all, being who we...

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