How Do You Want To Feel?

How Do You Want To Feel? How do you want to feel? Not how do you feel, how do you want to feel? Or is it easier to first answer, how do you not want to feel? As with any other goal, how you...

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Crystals To Get You What You Want

Crystals To Get You What You Want These crystals can help you get those goals. Also find out how the universe stepped in and stopped me in my tracks this week… Crystal Grids Online...

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Find Your Path

Find Your Path Oh my goodness it’s June, June!! How did that happen? Are you feeling this way too? Has the first half of the year run away with you? This happens to me …...

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Being An Empath

Being An Empath Being an empath can be mentally draining and it is important to protect yourself….. ******************************************************************** Crystal workshops and...

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Tune Into Your Chakras

Tune Into Your Chakras How to tune into and recognise energy imbalances using a pendulum. Self Healing with Crystals Online Course:…with-crystals Crystals for...

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Open Up To Your Intuition

Open Up Your Intuition Tuning into our intuition can bring about a whole new perception. Too often we quiet the voice inside of us, in favour of the voice of reason. Only to realise that we should...

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Know Your Chakras

Know Your Chakras Your chakras are the energy centres of your body. 7 of them running from the base of your spine up to the top of your head. Lets begin with where each of the chakras are and what they are...

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It’s All About Gratitude

It's All About Gratitude You’ve heard the saying happiness is a state of mind right? Well, it is true. Happiness is something we all strive for, thinking when we get such and such or when such and...

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Grounding For Spring

Grounding For Spring A simple exercise to get you grounded and regain your balance. ************************************************************ Free...

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