Healing Begins with You

Healing Begins with You Healing is a very subjective thing. The process and length of that process is different for every single person. There is no text book answer or quick remedy because everyone...

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Celebrating You

Celebrating You How often do you celebrate you? Your achievements and day-to-day successes. I am going to guess that it is not as often as it should be. I am sure that you gain successes every single...

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Winter Reflection

Winter Reflection It’s damp, it’s cold and it’s gloomy. At this time of year it can be really hard to keep up motivation. All that feels good is to curl up under a duvet and keep warm. We need to...

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Looking After Yourself, For Real

Looking after yourself, for real What do you think of when you see this question? The right food maybe? Am I taking enough exercise?While these two elements are clearly very important, there is...

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Coping at Christmas

Coping at Christmas Christmas is nearly here! Festive fun, presents, family and good food. Well that’s the finished result anyway. What about all of the hard work before it gets to the fun...

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Self Healing and Balancing with Crystals

Self Healing and Balancing with Crystals Find out what self healing and balancing actually means, and how you can use crystals to help. Find out more about self healing and balancing...

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Crystal Grids and Combinations

Crystal Grids and Combination Crystal grids help you to focus your crystal’s energy on a specific intention or goal. Set up a tailor made grid and let the energy work its magic....

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Crystals For Autumn

Crystals for Autumn Autumn is a time for bundling up warm, getting cosy and a great time to boost your immune system ahead of winter. These wonderful crystals will help you along your way…...

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Crystals For Samhain

Crystals for Samhain Use these ideal crystals to honour the special energy of Samhain, along with some other great holistic ideas to make the most of your Halloween. Online...

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